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 Welcome, followers of all mafia torment blogs

 Today we have the first application of its kind to earn a mobile
for free. This is the first application through which you can collect
points in a very easy way. You should only play and have fun inside to get
a lot of points and through these points you will be able to redeem points
for free PUBG Mobile Shades, but in the beginning something You have to be
patient, how can I get a lot of points, and through this application, I
can retrieve the tension in order to get free PUBG Mobile characters from
within the PUBG Mobile game, the global version, and also if you play PUBG
Mobile, the Chinese version, through this also charging within the PUBG
Mobile game Chinese comes at the beginning to follow a certain strategy at
all points within the application. Hurry up and win. You must enter daily,
once or twice in order to be able to get many points from within the
application. We have put many games in the application so that the user
can collect points very easily

Important information about the application Hurry and win

 After many users have tried the application, it turns out that it
is a very easy application to collect points, and through these points,
the user can get the widgets of PUBG Mobile for free.

We have worked on programming the application in a very easy way for the
user so that this application is easy for all ages and all users of all

We always think of the user so that he can use the application smoothly
and does not face any problem in dealing with the relatively simple
application, but at the same time the user must follow certain strategies
in order to get free PUBG Mobile tugs

 As we talked about at the beginning of blogging, you must be
patient in order to be able to get a lot of points within the application,
hurry and win, and from this matter in collecting points, get the tugs of
PUBG Mobile completely free

How can I collect points faster in the Hurry and Win app

1- First, there are free daily prizes
inside the application, a gift from hurry up and win

2- The second thing is that there is a
wheel of fortune within the application. Through this wheel of fortune,
you can get many points, and inside the wheel of fortune there are from 15
to 20 daily cycles. You can every time he works, you do a job in every 24
hours, he works 15 to 20 dollars a day

3- The third thing is inside the
application a complete box called Follow and win points through this box
there are links that you can follow up on and through this follow-up you
get a lot of points

And if you follow all the links in the affiliate box and search for
points, you must visit this box every day because we put new links every
day inside this wonderful box

4- The fourth thing. We have a special
section called Watch and win many points. Through this section, we will
put new videos every day and every video you watch after the end of the
time. You will get many points from watching the video, but you cannot
skip the video until the mentioned time expires Each video and each video
has a certain time and a certain number of points. Not all videos are
equal to each other

It is very easy in this section. Watch and earn points. You only have to
watch videos. Every day, we put new videos in order to get many

5- The fifth matter, we have a section
called “Prove and win a lot from within this section, but unfortunately
there are not many applications within this section. We will do a lot of
this in the coming days.”

6- The sixth matter and it divides the
most exciting for me, which is the play and win section. It contains many
sister games and through these games you can collect many points from
these games and at the same time you are playing in games and enjoying
playing at the same time collecting points all the games inside this

Of course, this section is a new section after updating the Hurry and Win
application so that we can bring in the most number of users from all over
the world, and we, in turn, raise initial updates to the application if
any error appears within the Hurry and Win application

The important thing in these games is that you can play for five facts
each time you open the application. Hurry up and win

 There are four very interesting games in this section, and let’s
talk more about this very wonderful section through which you enjoy
playing games and you can collect points and exchange them on PUBG Mobile
for free, and from these certificates I can replace the wonderful
characters within the PUBG Mobile World game

7- The seventh thing in the store or
let’s call it the exchange points section for free pubg mobile widgets or
gems in Free Fire also free, but let’s talk about this store and the
number of points used in this store for each specific tug number of
certain points in order to be able to retrieve them on pubg mobile widgets
Free mobile on free fire gems for free

Inside the store there are also PayPal cards and there are also Google
Player cards so that we can satisfy all people. In Free Fire there is also
inside the store

How can I collect points in a very short time and without getting tired
or logging in every day

 We have a section next to the main section called Invite. This
section holds an invitation to get its own invitation code so that it can
publish or invite friends and the more friends who came through your
invitation code, you can collect points faster and through this very fast
and effective way you can Collecting points is faster than normal users
who don’t have friends or can’t use the invite code to give them to their

Of course, this is very simple. If you do not have many friends on
WhatsApp, you can invite friends from the Facebook platform, from
Instagram, from Tik Tok, or from Twitter

Or you can create groups in the Telegram application, and through these
groups, you can share the invitation code so that users within this group
use your invitation code and register in the application, hurry and win,
and the more people have registered through you or through the invitation
code that you gave them You can earn more points and in that matter you
can earn much more tugs in PUBG MOBILE

  What are the prohibitions used in the Hurry and Win app?

 We are doing on a daily basis to reveal all the accounts used in
the Hurry and Win application, and if we notice any defect or any use of
any hacker program, hacking points program or illegal click program, we
delete this user permanently from the application and this user cannot
enter the same email or name that It was deleted from within a program or
application, hurry and win

 We have noticed lately that a lot of malicious users are using
programs that hack points, but this is something we know about and we
bring or ban all these accounts and this malicious category wastes a lot
of time in order to hack an application hurry and win, but this matter
never harms us. An account and names will be permanently attended from the
application platform, hurry and win

 There are some users who use the illegal clicks application to make
the phone work through this application. The illegal clicks inside the
application, but this also detects from our control panel


 We know about all these matters and we do not find any loophole in
the application or pay the vandals who use malicious applications to apply
and find no benefit in these matters

 We are uploading daily updates within the platform or within the
control panel of the Hurry and Win app

 How long should I wait to get PUBG Mobile widgets or Free Fire gems
after redeeming the points inside the app

 In fact, we distribute PUBG Mobile tug codes within 72 hours or
jewelry in Free Fire within 72 hours as well.

 But sometimes we delay some time due to a lot of pressure inside
the application and the huge number of orders that get every day from
within the redemption store within the application hurry and win

But in the end, you will get your code from within the application, or it
will reach you to the email that you log in with a message from telling
you that you have obtained the Shaddad code in PUBG Mobile or Free Fire

And sometimes, and not always, there are errors in the control panel, and
in this matter it took longer to send the widget code for PUBG Mobile,
Obo, Free Fire jewelry for free.

 But you must be reassured in the end, you will get your code after
the recovery process that you made, and there is no need to be afraid of
this matter. We will review all the students on a daily basis in order to
send the codes on time, but we assume that there has been a problem
outside our control, we will do our best A little late in sending your

 How can I download the application Hurry up and win

You can go to the Google Chrome browser or go to the Player Store and
write it Hurry up and win. The application will appear to you within the
store or within your browser used, whether it is Google Chrome, Media
Fire, Firefox or Opera browser

 Through this, you can download the application to your mobile
device that you work on daily

 Or you can download the application through our YouTube channel,
the torment of a mafia, or you will visit our blog in the Google browser.
The application is easily from within the official player store

  Very important note

 If you encounter any problem within the application, hurry and win,
please inform us from within the application, from the profile section.
There is smoke written in it. Contact us. You can contact us via e-mail or
via a YouTube channel

 Please inform us of any problem you encounter within the
application so that we can solve it as soon as possible

 This is very useful to us in order to know the errors that exist
within the application, hurry and win, and we do not know these security
errors from users who use the application on a daily basis.

 Hurry up Rabah application does not have any errors, but if errors
appear to you, please inform us continuously on the e-mail or on the
YouTube channel through the comments in each video. We promote the Hurry
and Win application

A very important note in reviewing in-app ads

 You should and I would like to note this most important matter. You
must wait for the ads to end after collecting points every time you enter
the Quick Profits application. You must wait for the end of short and long
ads in the wheel of fortune or on Saturday and win or in the store or when
redeeming points or When inviting friends or with him, win daily prizes or
in the watch and win section

 If you skip the ad or exit the application, you will cancel the
points to or not be able to get the points that you have been tired

For free or on free fire gems for free

 There are ads for five seconds, there are ads for 15 seconds, and
there are ads for 60 seconds. These ads all do not take a few minutes to
skip the mission ads. After skipping these ads you see, you will get the
points allocated to you after playing a game or after viewing a page or
Follow a page or install an app

 I hope to abide by the laws and I hope to abide by all the
intelligence of the article that I worked so hard to write to you

 In the end, I wish you all happiness and success, and I hope many
users get free PUBG Mobile tugs and Free Fire gems for free. You have to
be patient so that you can collect points easily and on a daily

 I hope you like the application and thank you for downloading the
full application. Hurry up and win

 All thanks and respect to you so that you can download the
application, please click on the word download at the bottom of the


To download the application click here below 👇

Download the app

Another download link click here 👇

Download the app


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